re:think sustainability

It's time to re:think sustainability from the ground up
The signs are becoming hard to ignore: our world is rapidly changing.  The construction industry is being influenced by rising energy and material costs, and the global need for land and shelter is growing exponentially.
We're rethinking the concept of sustainability.  We collaborate with owners, architects, engineers and industry professionals to bring real and attainable solutions to projects.  
We look at nearly all dimensions of a building and business, identify areas for improvement and provide cost-effective sustainability solutions that are realistic, attainable and beneficial to all stakeholders.  
Our areas of expertise include:
  • Project lifecycle costing
  • Material analysis (indoor environmental quality, custody, embodied energy)
  • Energy auditing and system commissioning
  • LEED certification, registration and submittal
  • Application of Lean construction principles
  • Optimization of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Application of energy-saving equipment
  • Renewable energy systems
We're rethinking the concept of sustainability by scrapping the current model, which is wrought with expensive equipment and materials, complicated systems, cumbersome installation methods and municipal requirements that only seasoned industry professionals can understand and navigate.  
We're re:thinking sustainability, one project and one business at a time.
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